• How To Gets Ads On Blogger(Blogspot)

    1) You should logged in to your adsense account by using the following URL


    Enter Username and Password and press Enter. Then you should be able to view your account page.
    2) Click on adsense setup a new page will open.
    3) There will four types of ads listed there.
                Adsense for Content
                            a. Ad Unit
                                        1. Image & text
                                        2. Link Unit
                                        3. Image Ad

                Adsense for Search
                ADsense for Feeds
                ADsense for Domains

    Now suppose that you have to generate an "Image Ad" then you must click "Adsense for content".

    And you'll see Ad Unit dropdown list box select image ad only from this list box and hit continue.

    4) Now you have defined your ads type then you should select specific size for this ad from a web survey report. 76% of the website earns from 336 X 280 and 468x60 size ads. But you also create your desired size ad for example Google provide different dimensional ads. The list is shown below.
                728x90 Leader Board
                468x60 Banner
                234x60 Half Banner

                120x600 Sky Scrapper
                160x600 Wide Sky Scrapper
                120x240 Vertical Banner

                360x280 Large Rectangle
                300x250 Medium Rectangle
                250x250 Square
                200x200 Small Square
                120x150 small Rectangle
                125x125 Button

       Now suppose that you select 360x280 after selecting hit continue.
    5. On the next step you should give a name to this ad and hit "submit and Get Code".
    6. You see a very strange type of JavaScript Code copy it and paste it in the body tag of your website.
    All steps are completed now you should wait from 10 to 15 minutes that your ads willbe display.
    Note: Keep In mind that these above steps are very important for your account try to perform all operations and steps carefully and make no mistake at this stage that we all know good setting alwaysto gives you good earning.