• How To Add Open Multiple Links / Windows In a Single Click

    Go to New Post--Edit Html --and Paste the Html code

    1)First let’s look at an HTML code for a regular anchor tag <a>:

    <a href="YOUR_URL" target="_blank">Link text</a>
    2)When clicked, this code will open YOUR_URL in a new 
    window. To add another link, just add the code below before “>” in 
    the opening tag:
    3)So if you were to open three links, your anchor will look like this:It will open YOUR_2nd_URL in a second new window. To add more links, simply add more window.open(); before the closing quotation mark.
    <a href="YOUR_URL" target="_blank" 
    window.open(&quot;&quot;YOUR_3rd_URL&quot;&quot;);">Link text</a> 
    4)This is an example of an anchor that opens three links (in three windows) in a single click:
    <a href="http://atoz2u.blogspot.com/" target="_blank" 
    This anchor opens three links in a single click</a>    

    Now see the code in action, click on it and see what happens.

    This anchor opens three links in a single click

    Before you apply this new trick, you do take into account your readers’ would be reactions. Unless forewarned, I personally be would feel tricked if say three windows/tabs pop up when I click something.
    Enjoy It!