• What are the Things To Keep in Mind for Getting Approved for the AdSense Account?

    Previously it was really easy to get approved for the AdSense but now the rules are getting tighter and tighter.
    All you need to get approved for AdSense account is a website/blog/forum having minimum 200 posts and at least 6 months old domain name. Remember is that your website should be hosted on the private domain name. Buy it from GoDaddy.com
    Also keep in mind that, the content of your website should be unique. It should not be copy and pasted from anywhere on the web. Google hates copy and pasted content.
    Your website should have good web traffic. Well, this is not the guideline from google but this is my personal experience.
    Also read Google AdSense Program Policies to learn more about this program. In short, you need to understand everything about this program in detail and than start your own website or a blog.
    Beware more of people who offer you to get you are approved for this program. Because they are frauds. You can get approved for AdSense by yourself only. No need the help of anyone. You can also discuss about AdSense on Investta - Entrepreneurs and Investors forum.
    There is a special forum section "Make Money Online & Internet businesses" where you can ask anything related to Google AdSense and I will be more that than happy to answer all of your queries.