• How to Create Page Navigation Number on Blogger

    What is Numbered Page Navigation ?

    In blogger, by default, you see Older posts, and Newer Posts links near the bottom of the page which is useful to your blog visitors to navigate to other posts of your blog. But, the problem is.. so people hardly notice those newer and older posts links.. which means.. less pageviews to your blog.

    So, to increase to your blog pageviews you can use this cool looking, advanced numbered page navigation to your blog.

    Standard page navigation on blog is “Newer Posts, Older Posts and Home ”. To create page navigation number like this blog on you blog is very very easy.

    Page navigtion on this Blog:

    See Demo 

    Here How to create page navigation like that:

    1. Open this url: http://bloggerplugins.org/installers/bloggerpagenavi.html
    2. And Change the settings and adjusted to your blog settings. Click customize button. Click “Add widget to my blog” to add the widget to your blog.

    3. Select the BlogSpot blog you to  want to install page navigation number. This widget automatically replace old blogspot page navigation.

    It's Easy. Try It Back.
    See Demo 


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