• Information of Apply for Google Adsense...

    To get an Google adsense account it is very easy and you can apply for this service without any hesitation. The instructions are very simple. Just follow the following instructions that you can easily create an adsense account.
    1. First of all in open your Internet Browser (IE or Firefox. etc) and type the following URL in
    Address bar


    2. Now you can see a website will be open that is necessary to create your account on right side you will see a BLUE button which display a message on it called "Signup Now" Just click on it.

    3. An application form will open that is requiring your full information to create adsense is add count you should put the right information about you in this form. At last you see an agreement please also read it.

    4. After writing full information click on the "Submit Info" then your form will submit.

    5. At last Google is shall verify your website if your website meet the requirements of Google then it will be very grateful for you. Then Google send you an E-mail regarding Adsense Account information and you will be able to handle your account.


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